Mount fortified

November 29, 2009

Srebrna GóraSilver Mountain has a rich base of accommodation. Each tourist will find here a place for himself worth a visit. Unusual is the location of Silver Mountain, which is set in a valley where the edges are constructed houses and craft. Silver Mountain height reaches 600 meters above sea level, and there are places where it reaches 400 meters. To the highest hills include the Mount fortified which has a height of 686 m above sea level This location had to be fortified building used by the village fortress Srebrnogórskiej. Fortress was founded after the Seven Years’ War, at the behest of Frederick II. It is much larger than Kłodzko Fortress and its main tasks was to come to safeguard the Klodzko Valley Silver Pass. The fortress itself next to the main bastion – Donżona consists of numerous forts, fortifications and strongholds scattered throughout the forest. Silver Mountain since the eighteenth century, was famous in Poland from the mining of silver. Fortress in Germany is likely to hide the treasures removed from the palace in Kamieniec Zab and Wroclaw. Until today, many secrets of the fortress has not been explained. Also, here are some tried to locate the ‘Amber Room’ by suggesting mainly that existed in the Fortress ‘Amber Room’. Currently, Silver Mountain is experiencing a second youth, are carried out repair roads and buildings, and the fortress itself received funds for the renovation of the EU funds. In pursuit of his former appearance of the Silver Hill soon will be able to re-name ‘Pearl of the Owl Mountains’.


Silver Mountain battle

November 29, 2009

Srebrna GóraSilver Mountain took its name from the existing mines in the area of silver. The biggest attractions of the region will undoubtedly be towering over her fortress Srebrnogórska. Every year there are productions in the Silver Mountain battle for the conquest of the fortress, as well as theatrical events, concerts, folk fiesta. Donżon, the highest, was the main point of a military fortress, it was here that the Prussian army the longest resisted the invaders. The jail housed Donżonie garrison and prison politico-criminal. After leaving the Fortress troops had been earmarked for training ground, causing great destruction through shooting drills. Only the intervention of people saved from complete destruction of the fortress. In the early twentieth century fortress Srebrnogórska belonged to the most visited places. In the company of lovers of the earth walls created srebrnogórskiej Museum of Weapons of the Old, which gradually supplemented with new specimens of weapons. In the postwar period Donżon disrepair, mainly through Rąbież building elements. In the ’60s launched a campaign ZHP Donżona treatments and other elements of the fortress, mainly through clearing drainage systems, protected and repaired walls. Donżon is open to tourists for the whole year, the guides at the former Prussian army uniforms tours of the mysterious dungeons, doing shooting with firearms, mortar and pestle. The walls Donżona can enjoy beautiful views of the Owl Mountains, and part of Bardzkie Klodzko Valley. Silver Mountain is the place to which we will certainly return.

During the summer

November 29, 2009

Srebrna GóraSilver Mountain has to offer not only a rich historical heritage with a powerful claim Srebrnogórską towering over the town, but also the rich tourist offer. Here everyone will find something special for yourself. During the summer an outdoor swimming pool is open, where everyone can swim while enjoying a view of the surrounding hills. For fans of two wheels is recommended in the bicycle lane to Zabkowice Slaskie, routed the former railway route sowiogórskiej, especially before sunset, when the fortress is beautifully illuminated and highlighted the hills. Earth srebrnogórska boasts many monuments and places worth visiting. Underground Tourist Route in Nowa Ruda gives the opportunity to view work miners. Are available to underground mine workings, and the biggest attraction is a ride underground railway, which once was used for the transport of precious metal – carbon. Coal mine in Nowa Ruda is preserved in very good condition, and tourists can visit the original control room, tower shaft, stoves. A great attraction are fossilized trees preserved in the walls of the mine, which dates back to the age of the 250 million years. In the village, tourists have Walim incredible opportunity to visit the Museum Walimskich Drift, which form part of a huge military project called ‘Riese’. These are places built during World War II, a defensive, kilometers of tunnels, ground facilities, tunnels. Walimskie tunnels belong to the complex River, which, like ‘Riese’ served as a defense. In addition to the above attractions are many more places to visit and explore how the complex Osowka Głuszyca – Underground City, a gold mine in Zloty Stok, Palace Kamieniec Zab, I say Klodzko, Auniversary. Silver Mountain offers a wide range of accommodation, and above all, encourages her to re-visit.


Mighty fortress

November 29, 2009

Srebrna GóraSilver Mountain is best known for the mighty fortress Srebrnogórskiej located on the top of the hill. The fortress has been declared a monument of history and is one of 25 other historical monuments in Poland. To protect the original landscape has been mapped fortress Fortress Cultural Park, which covers all the main places of that Fortress, forts, bastions, shelters, redoubts, batteries, casemates. Bastion called Basztowy Donżonem is the highest point of the fortress. Fortress Cultural Park also protects residues sowiogórskiej queue gear includes closed already silver mines, tunnels, river valleys, and slopes of combat. Silver Mountain since the beginning of its existence was associated with the silver mines. For many centuries the existence of Silver Mountain was digested by numerous wars, sieges, and struggles for control of this valuable piece of Lower Silesia. The fortress was built between 1765-1777. At the end of the eighteenth century the local population remained largely manual srebnogórskiego garrison, after which the solution was its economic collapse. In the late nineteenth century in vain attempts to develop watch industry and textile. Before World War I Srebrnogórskie Society, which was designed to promote the landscape qualities of the town, since that time, Silver Mountain has gained the nickname “Pearl of the Owl Mountains”, which was uncommon to emphasize its tourist value. Nowadays, in turn initiated the development of flow of tourists to the Silver Mountain and the growing interest in its rich history, as well as the promotion of tourist.

Silver Mountain

November 29, 2009

Srebrna GóraSilver Mountain is worth a visit for several reasons. It is not only a beautiful village situated at the junction and Bardzkich Owl Mountains, but also a place for lovers of mountain biking, paragliding and active tourism. Silver Mountain is the perfect place to organize classes for pupils with green and white schools. Near the village is open during the winter ski resort, with an easy slope that lets you make learning to ski. difficult and Tour operators allow to train mountain biking, from the nearby hills boasts spectacular panoramic views of the Sudetenland, and with good visibility, you can even see the band Snow White. Earth srebrnogórska offers visitors many interesting places to visit. Known in Europe, Fortress Srebrnogórska attracts its vastness and mystery, is one of the largest mountain fortresses in Europe. The original intention was to keep it passes through pass into Srebrnogórską Klodzko Valley. Fort itself is an extremely interesting and the military, which is impressive amount of forts, bastions and fortifications, the power of his towering over the Silver Mountain. For the most interesting solutions, which include the famous Silver mountain can turn sowiogórską gear and uses an additional gear bus that made it easier to overcome the steep ramps of the locomotive. Queue that was liquidated in the seventies, because of the crisis, remained after the two great bridges. Part of the old rail route sowiogórskiej were led by bicycle path leading from the Silver Mountain to Zabkowice Slaskie.